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Close to 100 Crores For Songs in Game Changer?

by Sivakumar

Ram Charan; is one of the most recognized actor in Foreign countries with RRR & taking care a lot with his upcoming projects to not disappoint the audience.

Ram Charan’s upcoming movie Game Changer with the Biggest Director Shankar has spent a huge amount just for the songs. Every body’s know that Shankar has special attraction for Visuals Spectacular songs in his movies.

You’v will be seeing five songs in the movie which is choreographed by ( Jani, Prabhu Deva, Ganesh Master, Prem Rakshith, and Bosco Martis ). Initially, we heard the amount movie team spends for the songs is 50 crores but right news suddenly went upto for 90crores.

Just raising the bar too much just for a hype purposes or really we are going to witness 90 CRORES of visuals worth of songs. Need to see it in the theaters but one thing is for sure 50+ crores amount was spend is true but 90crores????.

Sometimes the amount includes remuneration to raise the bar cleverly.

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