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Chiranjeevi- Mega 157 The Real Boss is Back.

by Sivakumar

Every actor has ups and down with huge hits + with ultra disasters. But when the real potential of an actor like Chiranjeevi meets the perfect director’s solid content (out come) will be coming for sure.

After the expected disaster of Bholaa Shankar and give an end card for the remakes chiru heading with fresh stories. His upcoming movies Mega 156 director is Kalyan Krishna produced by Sushmitha Konidela music by dsp.

And now; the real excitement (around the audience) begins with Mega 157 Directed by Vassishta’s previous work Bimbisara, Music by MM Keeravani, and DOP chota k Naidu, produced by UV creations.

With the Mega 157 pre-announcement poster it’s self; grabbed very good attention ( quality & detailing ). After (Anji movie) 19 long years chiru came with socio fantasy movie. Given a special attraction with the five elements ( air, water, space, earth & fire ). You can see around the locket and a LORD SHIVA THISHUL in the middle of the star.

Definately this is going to be the real comeback for the BOSS undoubtedly after his political career, ofcouse waltair veerayya is good film but has a major flaws in 2nd half. It’s a good one but not the best one yet for the real come back.

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