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Bigg Boss 7 Telugu Fourth Week Elimination.

by Sivakumar

Power Asthra tasks; for the fourth contender progress is just on fire, and with the worst physical behaviour by Tasty Teja with housemates in laughing photo click task. Even sanchalak’s Sandeep and Sivaji didn’t responded; while teja being so much Violent, the other house mates Shobha etc… shouting at teja you’ve been more violent stop it stop it. The other contestant Rathika the worst behaviour with prashanth crossing all the lines insulting him during the task. While holding the power asthra for the first time, jointly Shuba sree, Yawar & Prashanth; while the task is not moving forward bigg boss decided to with another type of task. You need to single-handedly hold the asthra without dropping it down.

When prashanth; beat both Shuba sree and yawar in the task, withouth dropping ASTHRA, you need to see the faces of Amar, Priyanak and Rathika. Seem’s like they were not at all happy with Pallavi Prashanth winning the fourth power asthra. Therefore; the cunning lady, being save from the past 2 weeks, finally audience eliminated the most cunning, two side face “Rathika” from the house, i think this will be a celebration out there now.

That’s 100% a fair elimination; because she is not even giving her best in the tasks, trying sympathy games all the time with 2 faces. From the past two weeks audience has seen it very clearly here under performance, cunning face, twisting sides what not; there is a lot to discuss anyway now she is eliminated.

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Yedho okati le Saturday, 30 September 2023, 10:52 pm - 10:52 pm

I think this is the 1st a lot of people felt happy for this elimination annaπŸ€“πŸ˜ , even it is good for rathika too and


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