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Bigg Boss 7 Telugu 8th Week Elimination

by Sivakumar

Bigg Boss Season 7; 8th week was too spicy in the house with a lot of heated arguments. We’ve seen the at most worst from Shobha in her previous week and now this week with Yawar at captaincy task and Sandeep back bitching Sivaji when he is not there, calling Bhichaladheva with Teja, Amardeep.

And as usual behaviour from Amardeep always hates Prashanth, Sivaji and Bhole, Prashanth during nominations. But Bhole is perfect with Amardeep during nominations hillarious 😂

The surprise factor this week, Sandeep in the nominations for the first time ? and Rathika comeback into the house she has been very cunningly silent. But in the tasks nothing changed in her same as old rathika, nothing impressive in this week’s tasks; keeping this a side Unexpected turn arrived nobody expected that Gowtham will Become captain. And, the end of the weekend with elimination, audience expecting Sandeep, shoba or bhole one of them will get eliminated. At last the Bigger support for Amardeep is broken now, both of them being cunning during tasks, ground game all the time targeting other team mates; it’s time to say Good Bye for his teammate Sandeep Master Eliminated from Bigg Boss 7 Telugu.

Sandeep was not been in nominations for long time, rather than targeting other housemates with Amardeep with their silly palns always; he didn’t build his own audience base. By playing taks genuinly or giving at most tough fight (He give somewhat best but that’s not upto to the mark to build his own audience base) & being good, instead of this he always back bitching all the time rather than focusing on his own game that was clear to the audience. That’s the reason why he is eliminated with the first nominations it’s self.

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