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Bholaa Shankar Ott Release Date Locked.

by Sivakumar

The most expected cringe feast from Mehar Ramesh With Bholaa Shankar, but the result is unbelievalbe even more. The cringe is at the max of the max any ways.

After a month of release; and continuous loss venture films for AK Entertainments. Bholaa Shankar is all set to premiere from 15th of September in all southern languages on Netflix. But a piece of good news for all the audience; Chiranjeevi is NOT coming up with any remakes now. All set for; new stories and the most promising subject right now with Vassistaa Bimbisara director.

A Fantasy action movie music by MM Keeravani and produced by UV Creation, The initial impression with pre poster is fantastic. Even after this project, remaining lineup looks good ok with Kalyan Krishna, Anil Ravipudi a fresh stories.

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