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Baby Movie going to Remake in hindi.

by Sivakumar

Baby movie; for some people it’s a Nibba Nibba movie and for others it’s cult movie.

But what’s grabs the attention in the movie is, the point they’ve taken and exicuted. The entire human begins, at the age of 17-25 at some point; of time you experienced this phase or you seen happeing to you friends. A cute love story begin in your school days; but after entering into engineering/degree falling in love with other men, changing her character, appearance suddenly playing two side cards with both them.

Whether you call it Nibba Nibbi story; but when a film is made with ground reality story, that happens or seen in everybody’s life at some point of time. So right now with that confidence; Baby movie producer is going to remake in hindi very soon, produced by himself only.

With baby movie SKN hit’s the jackpot and comes with multiple love stories, and you’ve already seen in the top one is going to remake. A total of 6 love stories coming in the combination of ‘SKN and Sairajesh’ (Color photo released, Baby movie released, Baby movie combination again, Santhosh Shoban Alekkya and two more). Why they’re not even trying to make other genres of films ????

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