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Adipurush Made For 3D But No 3D Screens.

by Sivakumar

Om Raut: the biggest mistake done by a director, without completing (CG,VFX) released the content. Faced trolls like never before. Later people watched teaser in 3D experienced in theaters, but nobody observed that the visuals are not realistic experience is good.

However; Om Raut learned a lesson from this. Therefore; adipurush postponed from Sankranti 2023 to 16th June 2023. As usual movie team made a very big mistake this time. Director mentioned a several times adipurush is made for “3D experience” but right now, adipurush will have at most most less or no screens in overseas.

On 2nd June 2023 – SpiderVerse Part one is releasing ( IMAX 3D ) and Jawan Hindi movie.

8th June 2023 Transformers : Rise of the beasts ( IMAX 3D ). And here Adipurush on 16th ( IMAX 3D ). Later, The Flash on 23rd June “3D”.

The Hollywood distributors makes advance agreements for 3D screens for max weeks as possible for them. In this case how adipurush will or may survive in normal theaters.

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