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400Crores Budget Ram Charan Sukumar movie.

by Sivakumar

Ram Charan; one of the biggest and most promising lineup having currently in tollywood. With RRR movie success for both NTR and Ram Charan got wider range appreciation and love across the world; specially from the western audience, those are the main people who took RRR movie to more heights in their territory.

Grabbed that perfect oppurnty; and promoted well their by the RRR team and won the OSCAR for Naatu Naatu song. While during the promotions of RRR movie in india; in one of the interview Rajamouli revealed that, i know the Ram Charan introduction which is going to one of the best, in his next upcoming film with director sukumar.


On that occasion, we’ve got to know there is a movie with Sukumar in Ram Charan’s upcoming projects along with Prasanth Neel, Buchi Babu, and director Shankar with Game Changer which is going to release in 2024 september Ganesh festival. But recently a piece of news went viral that; 400 crores of budget going to spend on ram charan and sukumar movie, well that is absolutely a piece of false news. It is not a periodic historical war-based movie or a time travel mixed with socio-fantasy elements movie or a Ramayan; to spend 400 crores of amount and these are not the genres sukumar will be doing with ram charan.

Currently Sukumar working on Pushpa 2, one of the hyped sequel in india; after completing pushpa 2 in sukumar directional there 2 projects as of now. One is with Ram Charan and the other one is with Vijay Deverakonda; (but a while back there were rumors that this project with sukumar got cancled); we don’t know about this yet but Ram charan project is ON, need wait and see for sukumar’s decision which one is going to began after the pushpa 2 release.

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