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Teja Sajja Hanuman Movie Trailer Release Date

by Sivakumar

Hanuman; is an instant teaser hit across the world especially in the north for Hindi audiences, everybody loves the output and the quality they pulled off.

Hanuman is the first step of begining for Prashanth Varma Cinematic Universe: but later after the teaser, the songs didn’t much helped to create more buzz in other languages or even in own language; not even single song is hit. Every song is worst at max; while the release is getting closer a month to go in cinemas 12th Jan 2024, production house locked the trailer and releaseing on 19th December.

It’s time for the real content to be seen in the trailer; the teaser is just filled with visuals that will be seen in the movie, just a few seconds. But later in the songs we saw the actual content a few visuals where the character got HANUMAN superpowers; those were poorly disappointing with CG,VFX and color grading, the production house postponed the movie from may 2023 to Jan 12th 2024.

To bring more quality to the film, but even after the long 8 months gap nobody will expect this kind of poor quality; moreover they even increased the budget scale after the huge response from the north after the teaser release. Let’s see in the trailer, whether they increased the quality or went with the same poor VFX, CG that was shown in the song.

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