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Oppenheimer: available in all south languages

by Sivakumar

“Imagine a world where Christopher Nolon, the master of spellbinding cinema, unveils his latest masterpiece, ‘Oppenheimer.’ This riveting film mesmerizes audiences worldwide, clinching Oscars for Best Director, Cinematographer, and Supporting Actor. Its global box office collection skyrockets, surpassing a staggering 8000 crores.

However, as the digital release of ‘Oppenheimer’ approaches, fans eagerly await to experience the film’s magic once more. Yet, disappointment ensues as they discover the audio is unavailable in languages other than English. Fans express their frustration, longing for the immersive experience they anticipated.

But fret not, for the tides are turning! A ray of hope emerges as ‘Oppenheimer’ finally makes its debut across all South Indian languages on Jio Cinema. Rejoice fills the hearts of fans as they prepare to dive into the world of ‘Oppenheimer’ in their native tongue, once and for all.”

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