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Manjummel Boys Telugu Release Date

by Sivakumar

The success of the Malayalam version of “Manjummel Boys” raises the bar for the Telugu release.

“Get ready for an adrenaline-pumping experience as ‘Manjummel Boys’; a gripping survival thriller based on true events, takes you on an intense journey; Written and directed by the acclaimed filmmaker Chidambaram, this Malayalam sensation has shattered records, grossing over 200 crores and emerging as the highest-grossing film in the industry.

Now, brace yourself as the Telugu audience eagerly awaits its arrival, amidst a flurry of positive reviews. Mythri Movie Makers step in to bring this epic tale to Telugu audiences, with the dubbed version set to hit theaters near you on April 6th.

Don’t miss the heart-stopping action and suspense as ‘Manjummel Boys’ unfolds its gripping narrative on the big screen!”

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