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Game Changer Jaragandi Song Review

by Sivakumar

“Amidst numerous setbacks and delays, the highly anticipated ‘Game Changer’ film triumphantly emerges, unveiling its debut song titled ‘Jaragandi.’

Under the visionary direction of Shankar, the spotlight shines on the captivating performance of Kiara Advani as the female lead, while the formidable presence of Tamil actor SJ Suryah adds a layer of intensity as the villain. Notably, Srikanth delivers a compelling performance in a pivotal role, amplifying the intrigue and excitement surrounding this cinematic milestone.”

We all know last year there was a small bit leaked from this song; and everybody was disappointed not because of the leak; it’s because of the lyrics and music were not upto the mark. After listening to and watching the lyrical video; its color full and the setup was fresh and beautiful, but at some times felt like; are we watching a Boyapati movie. It could be, Because of the same looks/vibe in a few frames watching the same pair felt like that, and we’ve seen shankar visual mark only in a few frames throwing love arrow yet it’s a lyrical video so, the ‘Shankar’s’ visual magic yet to wait and see in theaters. Ram charna is one of the best dancers in tollywood; as we can see in the lyrical a few dance moves not at all good didn’t utilized properly.

But thaman disappointed again with the Game Changer ‘Jaragandi’ this time with a Folk Song; the problem is that the lyrics and vocals felt mediocre, didn’t grab the attention to listen to it, and did not at all give freshness. The music was also not up to the mark; felt like we were listing some mixed repeated tunes Drums Beat’s and If you remember the leaked bit; we can say this was just a remastered version for that, and changed the voice to female.

After the negative response/feedback from the audience with that leaked bit; the production house may be/ could be thought changing the voice could save it but no it made more worse. Rather than Spending this much time on this song remastering; production house could have worked on another song and released instead of this one.

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