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Allu Arjun 1.5 Years Break chance for boyapati

by Sivakumar

Allu Arjun; is the only male actor who achieved the national award in tollywood “current generation” with Pushpa Movie.

And now with Pushpa 1, created his own market in the north; across india it was a big hit with a global reach among cricketers, football players, etc. The sequel took a lot of time; to complete the story with heavy changes and began the shoot in the middle of this year and also locked their release date 15th August 2024; after pushpa 2 upcoming next movie is a socio-fantasy movie directed by Trivikram.

It’s the first time for both of them actors & director to enter into this zone; and it’s going to be on a huge scale with a big budget and the pre-production of this film will through 1.5 years to set up everything with perfection. Trivikram will be free after the release of Guntur Kaaram on 12th January 2024; after a short gap, he will be focusing on this project.

Therefore; allu arjun gotta space now after the pushpa 2 release on hand with 1.5 years, with in This gap if director boyapti could finish the complete story; by chance allu arjun likes the story. This project will take off before the trivikram film; by not wasting time 1.5 year. If Allu Arjun is not satisfied with the story means; the project will not take off.

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