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Young Kid Killed Delivery Boy for iPhone.

by Sivakumar

Young boy Hemanth, live’s in karnataka Hassan district. Ordered an iPhone from E-kart and delivery agent arrived on 7th feb to give the iPhone worth of 46,000.

When the delivery agent asked for the money young kid Hemanth asked to come inside the house for payment. Within fraction of seconds, without any hesitation hemanth stabbed the delivery agent and killed him for the iphone. Because he didn’t have money to give for delivery boy.

After killing him; the body kept in his house for 3 to 4 days, when the smell is coming he decided to burn the body near a railway station. Later he carried the body on his bike, well the body is packed with the plastic bag according to his plan and burn it.

When some of the people noticed on the railway track and called the police. Everything came to the light and also evidence of CCTV ( travelling with body and filling the petrol at bunk ).

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