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NTR in Bimbisara UpComing Parts.

by Sivakumar

Kalyanram; getting ready biggest blockbuster in his, career with the Bimbisara movie. Recently, the movie Trailer was released and created very good vibes in the audience. and there were some interesting hidden details also. The film is scheduled; for a theatrical release on 5th August.

In the “Bimbisara” Trailer launch event, Kalyanram mentioned that.

Bimbisara is a Franchise and more parts were coming in the future for sure. Recently, me and director Vashist had a conversation about this. That NTR; might be in the coming parts if everything goes well. But this all depends on the part one result.

So, there is much long way we need to wait and see. In which part we might see both of them. Check the latest video down here.

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