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Guntur Kaaram Ott Release Date

by Sivakumar

One of the interesting clash in recent times; Sankranthi 2024 Guntur Kaaram, Hanuman, Saindhav and Naa Sami Ranga.

A lot of people thought their initial ticket sale would be guntur kaaram due to a star hero “SUPER STAR MAHESH BABU”; but things didn’t go that way. Except for Hanuman movie none of the movies didn’t score much in front of the box office; whereas Guntur Kaaram, Saindhav disappointed the audience and ended up as a loss venture and hanuman won the sankranthi clash with a huge margin according to the content and also in the collections. After completing its 28 days theaterical run Guntur Kaaram gearing up for the ott release on Netflix; which is going to be available from 9th February in all south languages.

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