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Bigg Boss 7 9th Week Elimination result out.

by Sivakumar

This week it’s been quite interesting with nominations and different taks for captaincy; mainly with sandeep nomination finally the cunning Tasty Teja “safe palyer” true color is out.

While sivaji talking with teja he mentioned; if you didn’t nominate sandeep for a silly reason he could here with us right now. But teja replied; sandeep master him self told me to nominate ( the dumbest point in BB history) in the recent interview sandeep revealed I never said to teja to nominate me, it’s not right to use other names with false allegation to save him self.

Not only that, even this week 4th/5th time again repeated a silly point to nominate Arjun. At the same time we’ve seen Amardeep worst behavior with bhole & during the tasks giving a tough fight is good but showing unnecessary aggressiveness will be portrayed as a joker. The rest nominations at as usual few are funny few are perfect points.

We must appreciate Priyanka for a genuine hard fight until the buzzer rang. But surprisingly after all the tasks, none of them expected Shoba to become the captain and every body is waiting to see her elimination. And finally the most safest player with all most silly nominations every week; that too the group player with shoba their game is over, and Tasty Teja is eliminated from bigg boss 7 telugu.

From now; next week onwards we are going to witness a total change over from shoba where audience can’t bear even a bit. What we are seeing now is just a small portion; because their group game is over ( plans destroyed, emotional support broken ) it will be interesting now.

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